Our goal at Advocate Contracting & Restoration is to provide our customers with the best value in the home improvement industry. Developing and doing work in Northeast Illinois and Southeast Wisconsin for over 40 years.

Free Property Inspections

  • We will send out one of our experienced specialist to inspect your property. Identify damaged areas and provide a professional proposal.

Easy Pay Financing

  • Home Improvement Financing as low as 6.9% for 84 months
  • A small deposit required.. Low monthly payments!
  • Unsecured Home Improvement Loans ($10,000.00 to $25,000.00}

Advocate Contracting & Restoration builds your project right and backs it with the industries best warranty!

Here is why is our roof system is considered to be the best in the business.

We Provide: 

  • Ice & Water Shield applied on all eaves, up the roof till it hits the two foot inside attic vertical line.( Protecting your home from ice damming.) We also place

 Ice & Water Shield on all valleys ,chimneys, sky lights and along all side wall construction on the roof.

  • Premium Techno Ply Underlayment  * 25 times stronger then felt paper. * 25 Year Warranty - Applied over the decking.
  • Drip Edge and Gutter Apron installed around roofs perimeter.
  • Premium Starter System applied at eaves and around all rakes on the  the roof.
  • Leaded Pipe Jacks installed over all plumbing vents (Eliminating future risk of  rubber gasket dry rot and splitting)
  • Install Premium Legacy Roofing Shingles- Backed with the industries best warranty.
  • Install Premium Low Profile Ridge Venting - Ensuring proper attic ventilation.
  • Free Attic Inspection. Checking for proper levels of insulation and adequate ventilation.

Home Owner Insurance Discount

  • Our Legacy Roof system is Class 4 Impact Resistant and is eligible for an Insurance Premium Discount. (Some customers have saved up to 30% off their existing premium)

Scotchguard Protection From 3M

  • The Legacy Shingles featuring the 20 year Scotchguard Algae Resistant Roof System Warranty from 3M. The granule's  are also cooper coated. This process equips the Legacy Shingle with the most effective solution available against algae staining.


*Easy Pay Financing Available     Green Sky Financing. Finance options are available to qualified customers with approved credit. Terms:  84 months annual percentage rate 7.99% Up Front Fees 4.5%, Monthly payment of 1.63% of total cost. Make a quick call to Green Sky and submit an application.

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